Tools Used In DBT

Diary Cards

Specially formatted cards for tracking Therapy interfering behaviors that distract or hinder a patient's progress.

Therapy Interfering Behaviors or "TIB" are tendencies that are tracked on diary cards as part of a Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program, and distract or hinder patient progress. TIB are often issues tracked specific to the issue(s) the patient is struggling with (e.g. suicidal ideation, self-injurious, purging)



blank dbt diary card.xlsx (17,7 kB)

Chain Analysis

Chain analysis is a form of functional analysis of behavior but with increased focus on sequential events that form the behavior chain. It has strong roots in behavioral psychology in particular applied behavior analysis concept of chaining. A growing body of research supports the use of behavior chain analysis with multiple populations


Behavioral Chain Anaylsis Worksheet (by Seth Axelrod).pdf (28,7 kB)


The milieu, or the culture of the group involved, plays a key role in the effectiveness of DBT.