Today I am working to better this site!

02/19/2012 13:02

Working on getting more things on this site so if you all would visit the feedback page and let me know what you would like to see on here and I will do my best to get stuff you post!!



For a mindfulness idea I want you to fallow my examplee below and spend 15 minutes writeing down a list of good things about yourself and in the second row I want you to focus on the good thing you wrote and really let yourself see the good in you then write down a way to remind yourself of this good daily for a week. As you do this daily add a new good thing to the first row and then a way to remeber it daily after five days you should have a list of good and a list of reminders the reminders should become a daily mantra as you wake to say to yourself and this will become habbit and will be a self validating expeirience as long as you do it!!


Good Reminder
Smart Solve puzzle
fun enjoy life